Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer


8 Sad Short Stories to Quickly Bring the Tears

If you want a little shot of sadness, here are some of the best sad short stories to get the emotions flowing in no time!

9 of the Best Books about Grief

These books about grief, both practical workbooks and heartfelt memoirs, show people grieving that they're not alone.

Mark Me Down as Scared and Sad: 8 Horror Novels About Grief

Grief makes desperate creatures of us all. These horror novels about grief explore the unsettling and even monstrous side of loss.

What Would You Like Your Last Read Book To Be?

A reader contemplates how to choose the last book to read before you die and reflects on the life and death of her book-loving grandmother.

The Books I Read and Didn’t Read While Grieving

A reader talks about their experience of the first few months of grief by going through the books they read and left unread.

Fiction, Funerals, and the Opioid Epidemic

A reader reflects on how fiction about the opioid epidemic has helped her say goodbye to those she's lost to addiction.

8 of the Best Novels About Grief and Recovering From Trauma

If you're looking for novels about grief or recovering from trauma, pick up these YA and adult books that capture an array of journeys.

8 Memoirs About Mothers, Motherhood, and Loss

A reader on the memoirs about mothers and motherhood that helped her navigate the transition from "mothered" to "motherless."

How Reading Popular Cosmology Helped Me Cope With Grief and Loss

"Grief had closed me in, and what I needed were the expansive reaches of time and space."


These books make for excellent reading after seeing the film THE FAREWELL.