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#Green Lantern

Pass/Fail: Green Lantern

This week, we're making a case for why the adaptation of the Green Lantern comic either passes or fails. Guess the result...

B List Bonanza: Kilowog of Bolovox Vik

B-list comics villains are getting the spotlight, but what about lesser known comics heroes? Get to know one such hero known as Kilowog.

B List Bonanza: Green Lantern Alan Scott

Get to know Alan Scott as Green Lantern.

Earth One, Vol. 2: How About We Don’t, Because John Stewart Wouldn’t

Taking a look at some of the problematic aspects of the decision to make John Stewart a Yellow Lantern in Green Lantern: Earth One, Vol. 2.


Chances are, you haven't watched GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. Here's one ex-skeptic on why you should give it a chance.

Why Hal Jordan Should Not Be in the Next Green Lantern Movie

Not only should Tom Cruise not be cast as Hal Jordan--no one should, because Hal Jordan should not be in a movie.

Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz: Embedded Histories

The new stars of Green Lanterns are a Mexican-American woman and a Lebanese-American Muslim man, and we've got what you need to know to read this series.

Rebirth Green Lanterns: Crossing (Out) Jordan

Thomas discusses his enthusiasm for the decision to focus on Green Lanterns other than Hal Jordan in the Rebirth series GREEN LANTERNS.

Comics Fetish: Volume 71 (Luck o’ the Irish Edition!)

Comics Fetish: Volume 50 (Puzzle Edition)