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Why Do Writers Use Different Pen Names for Genres?

Why and how do genre fiction writers use different pen names? We talk to three authors about how they use pen names.

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The Goodreads reading challenge may be good for when you need motivation, but it didn’t work out for me. And so, I quit at midyear. Here’s why.

4 Examples of Jane Austen Genre Fiction

Can't get enough of your favorite Regency writer? Whether you love romance, sci-fi, mystery, or fantasy, there's some kind of Jane Austen genre fiction for you.

Science Fiction Short Story Collections by Authors of Color

Many genre authors from marginalized backgrounds get their start in short fiction. Check out these amazing short story collections by authors of color.

Does Reading Literary Fiction Make You a Better Person? I’m Skeptical

A recent study claims that readers of literary fiction are more empathetic than readers of genre fiction are. This lit fic fan is skeptical.

Where Is “Chick Lit?”

Defining and defending chick lit as a genre.

Your 40 Favorite Case-Cracking Reporters in Fiction

This giveaway is sponsored by Invisible City by Julia Dahl. Just months after Rebekah Roberts was born, her mother, an ...