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On Penciling and Getting Another Perspective

Gene Luen Yang stops by to talk about penciling, and why it's sometime necessary to look at things from different perspectives—both in comics and in life.

On Research: What it Takes to Research a Story

Gene Luen Yang stops by Book Riot Comics to discuss what it takes when he researches a story for his comics.

Creativity in Progress: Finishing Projects

Gene Luen Yang discusses the difficulty of finishing projects.

On Coloring Comics

Gene Luen Yang discusses colorists, and why he doesn't color his own comics.

Genre Kryptonite: Anti-Superheroes

Jamie discovers that anti-superheroes have a more solid place in her heart than many superheroes.

Children’s Graphic Novels: The Push for Mainstream Recognition

Children's graphic novels are leading the way for mainstream recognition of the literary merit of comics.

Comics Lettering: By Hand or on the Computer?

Gene Luen Yang stops by Book Riot Comics to discuss comics lettering. Is it done by hand or on the computer? Or both?

On Inking: Patience and Inking Pants

Gene Luen Yang discusses the complexities of inking, and how this difficult process became his favorite part of making comics.

What’s on Your Pull List?: July 11, 2016

What new comics are you excited about this week? Megan shares her pull list.

Gene Luen Yang Breathes Life into History

Gene Luen Yang has an uncanny and amazing ability to breathe life into history with books like BOXERS AND SAINTS and THE SHADOW HERO.