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We Shall be Monsters: 8 of the Best Frankenstein Retellings

Here are eight of the best Frankenstein retellings that restitch this story in new ways, including horror, sci-fi, romance, and comics.

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Horrifying answers await in our famous fictional monster quiz that will spell out whether you're more Wicked Witch or Frankenstein.

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What happened to Ernest Frankenstein? He ultimately slips away from Shelley's narrative. Here are some books that explore his unknown fate.

Reconstructing FRANKENSTEIN: Reviving Shelley’s Monster

The power of the original FRANKENSTEIN leads to incredible recontextualizations even today, including works like Destroyer by Victor LaValle.

Frankenstein Is Alive! At The Morgan Library

The Morgan Library exhibit on Frankenstein and Mary Shelley, as seen through the eyes of one Rioter (& why you should consider checking it out, too!).

I Am Mary Shelley’s Monster

Do you, too, have a slight (or not slight) obsession with Mary Shelley and Frankenstein? This post is for you.

40 FRANKENSTEIN Quotes from Mary Shelley’s Classic

Mary Shelley's classic novel is just as relevant today. These 40 Frankenstein quotes to show how truly great this classic is.

Watch the Chilling MARY SHELLEY Trailer, Starring Elle Fanning

The brand-new MARY SHELLEY trailer shows Elle Fanning as the author of FRANKENSTEIN. This forthcoming feminist biopic on the life of Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin will be released May 25.

4 Frankenstein Retellings

Mary Shelley's legacy continues to haunt readers and writers. Check out these frightening Frankenstein stories told through comics, YA fantasy, and fiction.

The ALIEN Franchise is Now One Big FRANKENSTEIN Story

Put the ALIEN franchise up against Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN and prepare to be awed by their similarities.