Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer

#flowers in the attic

In Bad Company: 5 Problematic Relationships in Literature

Problematic relationships in literature abound. From Catherine and Heathcliff to Jocasta and Oedypus, read inside for the hall of stars.

FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC: Glorious, Subversive Trash Turns 40

Why does FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC remain such a secretively pleasurable read for young people?

Don’t Judge My Book By Its Cover

On book shame, and judging other readers.

How FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC Made Me the Reader I Am Now

How picking up Flowers in the Attic as a middle schooler made one reader's taste a little...dark.

(Re)Reading V.C. Andrews’ MY SWEET AUDRINA

Two Rioters commit to (re)reading My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews

Please Don’t Bring Me Flowers

How I fell out of love with a childhood favorite read.

The Value of Young Reading Experiences

Some of the most pivotal things we ever learn come from the books we read when we are young. In ...

Trailer for Lifetime’s FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC

The book you hid under your mattress and read in secret, stunned silence is coming to a made-for-TV movie from ...