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What Makes a Great Twist?

An excellent twist can make a book...but what makes a twist excellent?

5 Great Lesbian Movies Based on Books

These five fantastic lesbian movies were first books! You should probably read the book and watch the movie. Or the other way around, you do you.

A Personal History in Queer Lit

There are two common excuses I’ve seen for people wanting books removed from school libraries or reading lists. Either the ...

September Book Adaptation News

Lots of films, television shows, mini-series, and musicals all find their origins in books. If you are someone who wants ...

Genre Kryptonite: The Modern Gothic

This is a guest post from Jeanette Solomon. Jeanette lives in a world made of words. She has an MA in ...


Crossover Appeal is a weekly feature that challenges the idea that you have to choose a side between YA and adult fiction. ...