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What’s up with Baby Board Books?

What's the point of board books, other than giving babies something to chew on?

My Cousin Rachel: The Other Feminist Movie to See

You've seen Wonder Woman, now see this dark feminist thriller based on the 1951 Daphne Du Maurier classic My Cousin Rachel.

Why We Need Wonder Woman (And More Like Her!)

Give us more empowering comic book heroines on the big screen. Because we need them.

BookExpo: Females As Strong As Hell Edition

The rad books about rad ladies hitting shelves soon that you'll need on your TBR.

Books to Read if You Like Wonder Woman

Like Wonder Woman and want more feminist heroines in your reading? Check out these 15 books featuring feminist fighters of many stripes.

Feminist Baby Can Be Whatever She Dreams: An Interview with Author Loryn Brantz

Author Loryn Brantz discusses FEMINIST BABY, her recently released children's book about an "irrepressible bundle of sass" ready to smash the patriarchy.

House Votes to Give Some Powers of Librarian of Congress to Donald Trump

Congress voted to cut the powers of the first African American Librarian of Congress and give some of her powers to Donald Trump.

‘Women, Their Rights, and Nothing Less’: Literary Activists of the Woman’s Suffrage Movement

Some of the best feminist writers of the U.S. suffrage movement.

100 Books for People who Loved (and Miss) Sassy Magazine

If you’re a woman (or man, but mostly women) over a certain age, you likely remember Sassy magazine. It was ...

Books for the Jewish Feminist

I am a feminist. I’m also a Jew. A Jewish feminist. While I’m not super-observant, I did go to religious ...

Feminist Middle Grade Books

The best middle grade feminist books for International Women's Day!

10 Essential Books to Read from Iran

10 essential books to read from Iran.

3 New Feminist Books Coming on March 7

Get these feminist books on your radar ASAP.

100 Must-Read YA Books for Feminists and Feminists-in-Training

100 (and some extra!) must-read YA books for feminists and feminists in training.

#ShePersisted Books: 4 Women in History Who Never Gave Up

Books about four women who were warned, who were given an explanation, and who still persisted.