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The Best Audre Lorde Quotes On Resistance, Books, And More

Here are the best in Audre Lorde quotes, on resistance, activism, and more.

Healthy Masculinity: 14 Books About Gentle Boys

One Rioter explores her Anti-Fascist Parenting Plan by focusing on books about men and boys who are gentle and nurturing, rather than violent.

We Need Better Male Literary Heroes

A reader critiques the dearth of male literary heroes who personify the qualities of empathy, compassion, friendship, equality, honesty, loyalty, and strength of character.

Literary Gifts for Feminists

Check out these great literary gifts for feminists.

24 Amazing New Feminist Books Coming in 2018

If 2018 turns out to be anything like 2017, we’re going to need a lot of feminist reading material. Here are twenty-four feminist books to read in 2018.

Children’s and Young Adult Books to Help You Find Your Strength

Growing up is hard. Growing up well is even harder. Here's a handful of books that might make that journey a little bit easier.

7 Intersectional Fairy Tale Retellings

Seven intersectional fairy tale retellings featuring princesses of color and LGBT relationships.

Show Me The Matriarchy

One Rioter reflects on her recent love for the matriarchal society shown in Kate Elliott's COURT OF FIVES, and offers a list of further SFF matriarchies.

Buy, Borrow, Bypass: Books to Read to Recharge for the Resistance

Mini-reviews of books that will refuel you in your political resistance!

3 On A YA Theme: Angry Girls

The angry girls in YA lit.

The 2016 VIDA Count: A Focus on Intersectionality

VIDA has put out its 2016 Count, breaking down gender parity in the publishing world.

100 Years of Women in the Book World Being Kickass

Meet the Women’s National Book Association, created in 1917!

Books to Read if You’re Angry About DeVos and Title IX

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has rolled back Title IX guidelines protecting victims of campus sexual assault.

STAR WARS is Most Certainly a Girl Thing, Too

"Carrie Fisher is rolling her eyes so hard at you, dude." How #SWisaGirlThingToo got started, and on the kickass women of Star Wars.

5 Books Teaching Me to Not Give a F*ck

On being a strong, feminist woman, finding yourself, and the five books that gave one reader the inspiration and courage to follow the DGAF path.