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10 New Books on Anger, Feminism, and Unruly Women

Don't miss these 10 powerful, inspiring books from 2018 on anger, feminism, and unruly women.

Fearless Females: Badass Women’s Biographies for Kids

From Frida Kahlo to Gloria Steinem, enjoy these women's biographies for kids!

30 Literary Strong Women Quotes to Inspire and Empower You

Need a little boost? Here are 30+ strong women quotes from some fine literary ladies that will hopefully bring you inspiration and empowerment.

Can I Be a Feminist and Still Enjoy Chick Lit?

Yes, yes you can. A reader discusses her surprise at finding a one-star review that stated, "As a feminist, I cannot enjoy chick lit."

21 Books About the Women of LUMBERJANES

Who are the women behind the names? Collected here are books by or about the women named in the first six volumes of LUMBERJANES.

5 Books About Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada

Indigenous women and girls are killed at 4.5 times the national rate and nearly half these cases remain unsolved. Read more about the issue in these books.

Feminist Graphic Nonfiction

Feminist graphic novels, except not novels, because nonfiction!

A Meeting of the Bro Council on the Topic of Novellas

"You can’t tell your bros you’re reading a novella and expect to not get beaten up. It’s the Code."


Doris Lessing denied she was championing Women's Liberation. So why, five decades later, is THE GOLDEN NOTEBOOK still seen as a feminist classic?

The Erasure of Female Characters in Branded Merchandise

Where's Princess Leia? How about Jessica Jones or Wonder Woman? Oh, exclusively in the women's section. On the erasure of female characters in branded merchandise and why that's bunk.

3 On A YA Theme: Real Badass Ladies of History As Seen Through YA Fiction

These badass ladies of history really existed, but in these YA books, their stories take on a little bit of a twist.

Our Favorite Women In Books

To celebrate International Women's Day, we've rounded up some of our favorite women in books!

How the Patriarchy Took Over Women’s Once Upon a Time

One Rioter makes connections between the #metoo movement and women storytellers in fairy tale history. Women are reclaiming their stories.

5 Girl Gang Comics That Kick Ass

Girl gang comics have all the emotion and complexity of female friendship combined with the raw power of women protecting each other and looking awesome.

The Best Audre Lorde Quotes On Resistance, Books, And More

Here are the best in Audre Lorde quotes, on resistance, activism, and more.