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Are You a Male Novelist Whose Female Characters Are Comically Underdeveloped?

Hey there, male novelist with an impressive eye for character detail. Are you extending that eye to the women in your book? Here are some signs, to be taken with the sodium chloride compound of your choice, that your female characters might be underdeveloped.

Stephanie Brown and DC’s Treatment of Female Characters

Priya discusses the poor treatment of Stephanie Brown in DC Comics' history.

Discoveries from the Book Expo Floor: 4 Upcoming Crime Novels with Female Leads

Ladies and crime throughout time: four upcoming historical crime novels

A Celebration of Women in Fiction: Comics Edition

We had an awesome little women in fiction love-fest on Twitter recently. Here are some highlights.

Kick-Ass Female Ensembles in Graphic Novels

With Marvel dominating the box office as of late, there’s no shortage on ensemble, male-heavy superhero casts. For those of ...

On “Slut Shelves” and Eating Our Own In Fiction

Slut: a woman who has many sexual encounters. Slut: a word that has grown exponentially in use over the last ...

Her Name Was Trouble With a Capital L

Is it just me, or are there are a lot of troublesome fictional characters whose names start with L?