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YA Books With Fat Protagonists

If you're looking for fat-positive or body-neutral reads, check out the YA books with fat protagonists I've picked out for you here.

Finding a Unicorn: Romance Novels With Fat Representation on the Cover

It's only very recently that we've started to see fat characters grace the covers of romance novels. Here are some of the best examples, including The Princess Trap by Talia Hibbert.

Why Aren’t There More Fat Men in Romance Novels?

Fat men in romance novels are few and far between. Why are they even more rare than fat women in romance novels?

8 Fantastic Comics and Graphic Novels With Fat Representation

From superheroes in Faith to reluctant werewolves in Moonstruck  to steamy sapphic historical romance in Patience & Esther, these comics with fat representation have it all.

12 Must-Read Romances With Great Fat Representation

This must-read list of fat-positive romance features queer representation and spans multiple sub-genres, including titles like Guarding Temptation by Talia Hibbert.

The Troubling Gap Between Fat Representation and Fat Acceptance in Romance

More fat representation in romance doesn't always mean greater fat acceptance; we're taking a look at that gap and examining why it persists.