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Riot Headline New Wave of “Concerned Citizens” Discover and Challenge Classic IT’S PERFECTLY NORMAL

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We Need the FANTASTIC FOUR’s Family Drama in the Marvel Universe

Since Marvel cancelled the Fantastic Four, it has lacked a comic series that takes family—in all its dimensions—seriously.

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On this week's edition of No Context Given: Johnny Storm is clueless!

I Watched a FANTASTIC FOUR Quadruple Feature So You Don’t Have To

Panelteer Charles Paul Hoffman watched a Fantastic Four Quadruple Feature and live tweeted the results. From Corman to Trank, find out what he thought.

A Marvel Studios FANTASTIC FOUR Dream Cast Doomed Before it Started

Comics for an Impending Marriage

Oh, Comics! Podcast #42: FANTASTIC FOUR (2015) OR “Wha Haaappened?”

Off-Panel: Iggy Azalea Fights with a Comics Blog

No Context Given: FANTASTIC FOUR #9

Comics Fetish: Volume 41

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