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Shippers, Recs and OTPs: A History of Fan Fiction

Are you a fanfic reader or writer? We're taking a look at the history of fanfiction, including common terms, queer fanfic, and popular ships.

50 Shades and More: 11 Published Fan Fiction Books

Below are 11 published fanfiction books, some famous, some surprising, (not just Fifty Shades of Grey!) which began life in other authors' playgrounds.

Writing Myself Into Existence With Fan Fiction

As soon as I learned how to consistently dot my i’s and cross my t’s, I kept a little notebook ...

50 Must-Read Harry Potter Fan Fictions

The world of Harry Potter fan fiction can be highly overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner. There are so many ...

An Open Letter to Fan Fiction

"No matter how much the small-minded may try to restrict you, you remain one of the most flexible forms of entertainment I’ve ever come across." Gave Me the Sex Talk

I learned 95 percent of what I know about sex from fan fiction. Thanks, Harry Potter!

Inbox/Outbox: December 15, 2017

After a long semester, it's nice to wind down with some nerdy reads.

15 Harry Potter Fanfics For The Grown-Up Newbie

Want to get into Harry Potter fanfiction but not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions.

5 Reasons You Should Read Fanfiction

Because there's more to fanfiction than just fictional characters hooking up.

Fandom According to YA Lit

If you read enough YA books about fandom, you start to notice certain themes.

If Literary Characters Wrote Fanfiction

Imagining literary characters writing their own fanfiction (Pip is the best).

Imitation is Flattery: In Defense of Fanfiction

Fanfiction may seem like low-lying fruit, an effortless jab at aspiring writers with more than a passing interest in a ...

WTF is an OTP? A Beginner’s Guide to Fanfiction Terminology

Recently, we at Book Riot got really excited about fanfiction. Not because we had just discovered it, no–it was because ...

10 Bookish iPhone Apps You May Not Have Heard Of

Looking for ways to digitize your reading life? Whether you’re into printed books and need a system to catalog your ...

10 Rad Poetry Slam Videos You Must Watch

It’s National Poetry Month! Celebrate with these amazing poetry slam performances. “Black College” (Poets Unknown) On racial conformity and college: ...