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Why Is Santa Claus Erotica Suddenly So Popular?

I explore how this micro-trend of Santa Claus erotica evolved within the wide world of holiday romances — and recommend a few to start with.

Cinnamon Roll Heroes From the Corner of the Pan

Author Andie J. Christopher joins Trisha to discuss shady book repacking practices, the RITA mess, how content warnings help readers, and Andie’s erotic romance recs.

Either Saluting You or Calling You Out

Jess and Trisha celebrate their first pod-iversary, have some words for people who aren’t inclusive readers, discuss the characteristics of a good romance novella, and recommend some of their favorites.

13 Urgent Questions About the New E L James Book

We have less than three months to answer a whole lot of questions about the new E L James book coming in April. Here are the most urgent topics at hand.

The Best Romance Authors (And Their Must-Read Book)

Looking to build up your reading list? Here are some of the best romance authors to check out right now, and a book each to start with.

What an Erotica Writer Taught Me about Writing and the Diversity of Desire

"I guessed each story would be full of cliché writing, and imagination would be left in a heap on the floor along with expensive, but generic, lingerie...but this was not the truth." What one writer learned from an erotica writer and editor.

Overcoming Awkward Fear of the Romance Genre

One Rioter talks about overcoming her fear of the romance genre.

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