#Environmental Lit Day 2020

8 of the Best Novels About Environmental Disasters

While not exactly comforting, these novels about environmental disasters, including cli-fi and solar punk, will give you much to think on.

8 Works of Hopeful Climate Fiction

Hopeful climate fiction? Yes, really. These novels acknowledge disaster but also our capacity to endure it.

What is Ecopoetry? 5 Excellent Works to Get You Started

Rather than rely upon grand scenes of nature unfolding for the observer, ecopoetry strips away the illusion of our observer status.

10 Environmentalist Cookbooks and Guides for a More Sustainable Kitchen

Find the right ingredients for great meals and environmental awareness with these environmentalist cookbooks and guides, like La Vida Verde by Jocelyn Ramirez.

What Aldo Leopold Taught Me About Nature

A reader on how the works of writer and conservationist Aldo Leopold shifted her relationship with nature, and books by like-minded authors.

Environmentalist Heroes: 5 Biographies and Memoirs

Get inspired by these great nonfiction books about environmentalists who have advocated to preserve and protect the natural world.

10 Picture Books for the Budding Environmentalist

Looking for a way to talk to your children about climate change and environmental activism? Try these picture books about the environment.

8 Manga With Environmental Themes

Ecological topics regularly appear in manga, sometimes in surprising ways. Check out these manga with environmental themes to see how!

10 Works of Environmental Literature From Around the World

If you're looking for compelling works of fiction set in far flung places, pick up one of these novels about the environment set around the world, such as The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy.

Scared About the Environment? Read These 10 Eco Horror Novels

If headlines about the state of the planet aren't enough to keep you awake, these eco horror novels will put the fear in you.