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Why I Read MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR to My Son’s Preschool Class

When you get to read to your child's class, what book do you choose? This Rioter chose a book that's both representational and inclusive.

9 Antiracist Middle Grade Books: Tackling Tough Issues with Kids

Supporting anti-racist ideas should begin in childhood. Kickstart those important conversations with these anti-racist middle grade books.

Extra Credit: Bookishly Honoring the Victims of the Atlanta Shootings

In recognition of the Atlanta shootings, Hannah and guest Misa Sugiura share under-the-radar AAPI authors.

9 Diverse Memoirs You Should Add to Your Reading List

Looking to read more diverse memoirs? Here's a list of memoirs, written by authors from all over the world, and all walks of life.

Report: 2019 Diversity in Children’s and YA Literature

The Cooperative Children's Book Center (CCBC) has released the results of its 2019 survey on diversity in children's and YA literature. 

More Than Gatsby: 20 Books Set 100 Years Ago

Take a trip 100 years back in time via these must-read books set in the 1920s, with fiction and nonfiction stories about the Jazz Age for every reader.

Is Diverse Fiction A New Genre?

Taking a critical look at what it means to lump books by marginalized authors into a genre, and at representation in publishing as a whole.

On Taking a Cautious and Thoughtful Approach to Inclusion in Books

A reader chimes in with some thoughts on the ways in which authors can improve their approach to inclusion, namely without tokenizing their characters.

Does Reading Diversely Make You An Ally?

One Rioter on making a conscious decision to read books by authors from diverse backgrounds, with tips on how to read diversely and be an ally.

A Librarian’s Guide To Finding Diverse Books Before They’re Published (& How To Nominate Them for LibraryReads)

Are you a librarian, bookseller, or other book lover having trouble finding diverse books before they're published? Let this guide help you find them, read them, and share them.