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How to Cure a Reading Slump

7 tried and true methods backed by 7 years of professional reading experience.

Triggers, Trauma, and True Crime

Trauma is just so rude.

Censorship in Prisons is Part of Slavery’s Legacy

And books are vital for freedom.

What’s New In The World of Reading Research?

How we remember book titles, the value of comics in schools, and more recent findings.

Children on Toast and Other Musings: 30 Years of Hocus Pocus

Come! We fly!!

12 Things I’ve Learned in 12 Years of Book Riot

The internet never stays one way for long, but some of its lessons are enduring.

What Would an Author-Centered Publishing Company Look Like?

Thinking about the possibility of book co-operatives

The National Book Awards Winners: A Retrospective

A look back at the National Book awards over the years, a review of this year's nominees, and some thoughts on who might win the award this November.

The Bestseller List is Broken

Despite their popularity, bestseller lists are painfully boring.

Analyzing the Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2023

Tl;DR: There are so many books and less agreement than you might think.