#DC Rebirth

Reading Pathways to WONDER WOMAN

Where should you start reading WONDER WOMAN when there are 75 years of stories? Have no fear—Book Riot is here with reading pathways to Wonder Woman.

Dad Superman is Best Superman

One Rioter discusses why Clark Kent as a dad, as he is in the current REBIRTH series, is the best Superman.

The Price of Pain as Representation

Why do stories of representation so often include pain and bigotry, rather than acceptance? Allen reflects with DC Rebirth.

The Art of the Start – DETECTIVE COMICS: REBIRTH (#934)

Katie Schenkel takes a look at DETECTIVE COMICS: REBIRTH and discusses why it worked so well for her.

Rebirth Green Lanterns: Crossing (Out) Jordan

Thomas discusses his enthusiasm for the decision to focus on Green Lanterns other than Hal Jordan in the Rebirth series GREEN LANTERNS.

LGBTQ Hide Month: DC’s Rebirth Demotes Queer Characters

Where are the LGBTQ+ characters in DC's Rebirth? Jon Erik takes a look.

Reading Through Rebirth: Week One

The Art of the (Re)Start: DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1

Take a deep dive into the first issue of DC Universe: Rebirth.

Oh, Comics! Podcast #81: Apocalypse Rebirth