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Reading Pathways: David Levithan

Where to begin reading the work of YA novelist and Scholastic editor David Levithan.

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Top Ten Most Challenged Books of 2016

American Library Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom reports on the 10 books people tried to ban most often this year.

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Sometimes life can get you down. You ran out of your anti-depressants, your partner broke up with you, the job ...

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About this time of year, many of the big-name media outlets and websites share their “must read” books for the ...

Genre Kryptonite: LGBT Young Adult Novels

This is a guest post by Jill Guccini. Jill is an educator and writer living in Portland, Oregon with her wife, ...

Crossover Appeal #5

Crossover Appeal is a weekly feature that challenges the idea that you have to choose a side between YA and adult ...