Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer

#Dan Brown

Reading While Traveling: Discovering ORIGIN at its Origin

How Reading Dan Brown's Origin while in Barcelona reminded me of ways in which reading while traveling enriches the reading experience.

Social Activism Through Books

Overpopulation, sexism, racism: learn more about the problems today's world faces through these fiction novels.

New! Dan! Brown! New Dan Brown New Dan Brown New Dan Brown

Hey guess what? New Dan Brown.

When To Savor a Book

Sometimes, you just have to slow down and savor a book.

September Book Adaptation News

Lots of films, television shows, mini-series, and musicals all find their origins in books. If you are someone who wants ...

How To Play Fantasy Football, Only With Authors

Very soon, all over the country, in suites at the Bellagio, party rooms at Hooter’s, and your mom’s basement, groups ...

If Heavy Metal Lyrics Were Book Blurbs, Vol. 2

As we’ve learned (maybe to the surprise of many), heavy metal and literature have a rather intimate relationship. To review: ...

Stephen Colbert’s Best Bookish Moments

Colbert's at his funniest when he's talking about books. Here's a selection of his best bookish episodes and skits.

Convince Me to Read: INFERNO

I am incredibly hesitant about reading brand new books. I get nervous about investing my time in titles that are ...

What’s Next For the Novel?

Marisha Pessl’s new novel Night Film, out Aug. 20th, includes Easter Eggs! For those of you non-gamers or DVD watchers, ...