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Book Recommendations for The Justice League (And A Few That They’ve Already Read)

A book list for the heroes for the upcoming DC film, THE JUSTICE LEAGUE. A look at what they've already read and what they should read next.

Top 5 Superheroes with Prostheses

Ryan takes a look at his favorite superheroes with prostheses. Come tell us who your favorite superhero with a prosthetic limb is!

Comics Fetish: Volume 83

It's another edition of Comics Fetish, your weekly dose of wallet pain. This week: Preacher Funko Pops, a Spider-Woman hoodie and more!

Delighted by the Diversity in DC’s Divergence

Collapsed and covered in Convergence confusion? Stupendously stumped and astonishingly stressed by Secret Wars? Do not dread! DC’s Divergence denotes a dawn ...

Let’s Talk About That Titans TV Cast

So, we have our Titans, at least according to this Nerdist News segment, which offers up some exclusive tidbits on ...