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Ever wanted to have a date night in a bookstore? Enjoy a private pizza party inside a bookstore? These experiences are out there!

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Take a tour of The Book Loft, a cozy independent bookstore and beacon for book lovers in the middle of Columbus, Ohio's German Village.

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The independent bookstore is a dying breed. Somehow, we managed to find 50 LGBT bookstores perfect for visiting this pride month.

Lyra and Will’s Bench, Oxford Botanic Gardens

Cool Bookish Places: Jimbocho, Tokyo’s Book Town

Where to go if you're a book lover in Tokyo? Obviously Jimbocho, an entire district dedicated to nothing but book stores, publishers, and more!

Cool Bookish Places: The Rabbit and Dragonfly

If you're even in Lancaster, PA, don't miss this coffee shop/pub/used bookstore inspired by the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and the Inklings

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