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The Best Places to Read Light Novels (And No, We Don’t Mean At the Beach)

It can be hard to figure out where to read light novels online. Find the best websites and apps for reading them here.

I’ll Do It Myself: The Impact of Crowdfunding on Indie Comics

How has the rise of crowdfunding impacted the world of indie comics? One writer interviews indie comics creators to learn more.

A Deep Dive Into the Marvel Comics Universe: How Big Is It?

Marvel has been around for 82 years, and with so many comics and characters, let's explore just how big the Marvel Comics universe is!

A Starter Guide to the Loki Comics

If the show whet your appetite in all things Loki, check out this starter-guide to Loki comics in the Marvel Universe, including  Avengers #1 by Jack Kirby, et al..

A Look Into the History of the Comics Code Authority

Here is a brief history of the Comics Code Authority, what it prevented in comics, and how its legacy can still be felt today.

Classics That I’d Love to See as Comics

What are some classics you'd like to see adapted into graphic novels? Here are some outstanding choices for the format.

9 Queer Adventure Comics

From seance tea parties to neo-westerns and portal fantasies, these queer adventure comics go beyond the coming out narrative.

Recent and Upcoming Nonfiction Comic Releases

A preview of nonfiction comics hitting the shelves in the next couple of months, including The Black Panther Party: A Graphic Novel History by David F. Walker and Marcus Kwame Anderson.

The 5 Best Dressed Characters in Manga

Manga, but make it fashion! Let's look at some of the best dressed manga characters to wow us with their couture.

Spring 2021 Comics Preview

Take a peek at these spring 2021 comics coming soon for children, young adults, and adults.