The Difference Between “You” and “We”

Jess and Trisha discuss some excellent and important RWA speeches by Suzanne Brockmann and Sonali Dev; note the anti-climactic end of a certain trademark battle; and talk more about the romance (books) still to come in 2018.

The Ripples of #CockyGate

One romance author's attempt to trademark the word "cocky" is having a ripple effect in publishing.

#Cockygate Continues: The Best Bits of the Recent Hearing

A romance author has trademarked the word "cocky" and filed for an injunction against other authors using the word in their titles. Here's what the judge had to say in the latest episode of #cockygate.

Author Trademarks the Word “Cocky” and Romance Twitter Comes Through

Faleena Hopkins' trademark of the word "cocky" and her push for title changes sends romancelandia into a cocky frenzy - in a good way.