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Colin Kaepernick Releasing YA Graphic Memoir

Colin Kaepernick is releasing a YA graphic memoir that will be based on his high school years and the tough decisions he made for his future.

These Are the States That Love Reading the Most

A study was conducted to find out which states love reading the most. Here are the states with the highest, and lowest, love for reading.

Teens in Pennsylvania Created a Fundraiser to Counteract Book Banning

Teens in Pennsylvania have created a fundraiser to oppose censorship. Here's what you need to know and how to get involved.

8 Year Old Published Book About How A Turtle Got Its Shell

In San Diego, an 8-year-old published a book about a courageous turtle and plans to donate the proceeds for art and music supplies.

Percy Jackson Author Speaks Out Against Racist Complaints Over Casting

Author Rick Riodan speaks out against what he regards as the racist criticism of the cast of a new Percy Jackson adaptation.

A Pennsylvania School District’s Proposed Book Challenge Policy is Plagiarized From Texas’s

48% of the text in the new library materials policy was taken from the Texas Education Agency's policy, much of it word-for-word.

The Winners of the 2022 Pulitzer Prize Have Been Announced

The Pulitzer Prize recognizes excellence in journalism, literature, and musical composition. Here are the winners in the book categories.

Boston Public Library Is Now Hosting 1-Hour Wedding Ceremonies for $200

While the Boston Public Library hosts lavish weddings at $15,000, the one hour ceremony is an affordable option for book-loving couples.

WNDB Campaign to Send Care Packages to LGBTQIA+ Kids and How You Can Help

WNDB is fundraising to send care packages to LGBTQIA+ kids. If you'd like to help, you can donate directly or buy a t-shirt.

Florida Public School Cancels Free Online Math and Reading Services Because of Bill

The Brevard Public School system has removed a math game and an online library geared towards children 12 and under.