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Netflix Is Taking Us into THE DEEP

We take a look at the new comic book-based Netflix series THE DEEP (and we like what we see!)

6 Reasons Tyler Hoechlin Will Make an Excellent Superman

Tyler Hoechlin has been cast as Clark Kent/Superman for The CW's Supergirl. Here are five reasons this is an excellent decision.

Comics Fetish: Volume 84

Check out Comics Fetish, a weekly selection of cool comics-related merch! But ya might want to hide your wallet before you click.

Interview: Emma Ríos on Craft, I.D., and Island

Jake has the chance to talk to artist Emma Ríos about I.D., ISLAND, and MIRROR.

Video: What Newbies Need to Know about DC’s Rebirth

Not sure what DC's Rebirth is? Swapna's got a guide for the new and casual readers out there about what you need to know.

No Context Given: Squirrel Girl Tells It Like It Is

This week's edition of No Context Given: Squirrel Girl tells it like it is.

No Context Given: But WHY Is All The Water in Bottles?

Tagging Along for the Ending: A Look at the Urban Underbrush Finale

Priya Sridhar analyzes the finale of a six-year old webcomic called Urban Underbrush and explains why she recommends it.

Inclusivity in Princeless—Raven: The Pirate Princess

Keri discusses the inclusivity and representation in Princeless - Raven: The Pirate Princess.

3 New BOOM! Titles Worth Busting Your Budget For

BOOM!'s latest titles will make comics fans on a budget want to splurge. Christine describes 3 recent series to check out.