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8 Arms To Hug Your Books: The Perfect Octopus Bookends

Snag some octopus bookends and know your books will be held safely and securely in (mostly) loving arms.

Save Space On Your Shelves For These Amazing Space Bookends

Space bookends! They're out of this world, but also holding all of your books up the way they're supposed to. Get these bookends on your shelves.

Check Out These Bookends to Add to Your Shopping List

Always thinking ahead, I do some of my holiday shopping on Prime Day. One of the things I like to buy for my fellow bookish friends and family are bookends.

All That Shimmers: Must-Have Gold Bookends

I used to consider myself a silver girl. I only wore silver jewelry, preferring my metallics to have that coloring. ...

14 Ridiculously Easy DIY Bookends for Your Shelves

Here are tutorials for fourteen great DIY bookends that will be ridiculously easy to make but hard to forget!

These Cat Bookends Are The Purrfect Addition To Your Shelves

There are many bad puns in this round-up of cat bookends, but we know cat lovers will care not one bit, since they'll be filling their shopping carts.

50 Of Our Favorite Fiery Dragon Bookends

If imagining your many fantasy novels tucked between two epic dragon bookends makes you gleeful, then check out these 50 dragon bookends for every budget.

10 Of The Best Elephant Bookends to Hold Up Your Books

Since elephants are (obviously) nature’s librarians, I’ve put together a list of the very best elephant bookends that I could find.

30+ Unique Pineapple Bookends To Dazzle Your Bookshelves

Dazzle your bookshelves with this round-up of over 30 sets of pineapple bookends. There's no such thing as too many books...or too many bookends!

15 Smashingly Beautiful Agate And Geode Bookends

My favorite agate and geode bookends, whether you're showing off your books in your home library or adding some natural touches to a nursery.

10 To-Die-For Bookends on Etsy

You'll want to save some room on your shelves for these bookends.

Book Fetish: Volume 297

Bookish goodies for your literary life.

Vintage and Antique Animal Bookends You Need In Your Life

Vintage and antique animal bookends you'll want for your shelves.

DIY $5, Five Minute Dinosaur Bookends

My friend made me the best birthday gift a couple of months ago on a whim. She wasn’t sure if ...

Bookish DIY: Bookends

I’m in the midst of planning a move across town, and I’ve got my eye on doing a few DIY ...