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Picture This: Sarah Andersen and Valentine De Landro at Book Riot Live

María Cristina provides a look at the Pictionary event starring Valentine de Landro and Sarah Andersen at Book Riot Live.

Book Events and Rejuvenation: Gratitude about Book Riot Live and the Miami Book Fair

After the events of the 2015-2016 election, Priya Sridhar discusses how book events can heal the troubled reader and writer.

Best of Book Riot Live 2016!

Check out the high points captured by our attendees at Book Riot Live, including a Broadway sing-along, Pictionary with artists, Nerd Jeopardy and lots more

Don’t Even Ask: Authors’ Least Favorite Questions

We asked our Book Riot Live speakers: What’s your least favorite question to get as a writer?

What a Way to Make a Living: Authors’ Other Jobs

We asked our Book Riot Live speakers: What was the worst job you ever had? What was your best job?

Book Riot Live, Now With Extra Ravenclaw

We asked our Book Riot Live speakers if they knew their Hogwarts House, and the answers are in! Guess which was the most popular.

Libraries: My Home Away From Home

One Rioter reminisces about all the times libraries have been her home away from home.

The One Little Romance Book That Turned Me into My Mom

When you pick up and book, read it, love it, and realize you've now become your mom.

First Look at the Book Riot Live 2016 Schedule!

In which we unveil the first pieces of programming at Book Riot Live 2016!

Why You Should Be Reading Sara Farizan

If you haven't yet read either of Sara Farizan's amazing YA books, here's why you should pick them up immediately.