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Quiz: Which Jane Austen Novel Should You Start With?

Answer these questions to get a personalized recommendation to find your first Jane Austen book, from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE to PERSUASION!

Playing “I Spy A Reader”

I like to play a game: I spy a reader. I play it with my children so they are aware ...

The 11 Most Recommended Books from Get Booked’s First Year

Here are the 11 most recommended titles from the first year of Get Booked, and why we kept picking them.

3 Books to Read If You Liked THE AMERICANS

As of last week, The Americans is over—at least for a few months. The FX series, which premiered in January, ...

The Well-Readheads: Book Recs Are for Lovers

RJS: We just passed the halfway mark on 2012 and did our massive “best of the year so far” round-up, ...

Riot Recommendation: Like Dan Brown, but….

In Riot Recommendation, we take a request for a recommendation and turn it over to the Book Riot community to help ...