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Books That Should Be Friends: 5 Book Pairs You Should Read at the Same Time

TheseIf you read these pairings at the same time — like Persuasion by Jane Austen and Before I Let Go by Kennedy Ryan — they'll complement each other for a deeper reading experience.

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I took a bunch of my favorite songs from the 80s and 90s and paired them with books. You're welcome.

7 Winter Drink and Book Pairings

Check out our book recommendations to pair with your favorite winter drinks, including hot chocolate, eggnog, mulled wine, and more.

The Fact Behind the Fiction: 10 Nonfiction/Historical Fiction Book Pairs

Attention history buffs! Want to learn the true stories behind your favorite historical novels? Check out these nonfiction/historical fiction book pairings!

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Books to read (and ice cream to pair them with) on these hot July days.

Classic Book Pairings for Every Song on Adele’s “25”