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Up Your Reading Game With These Book Reading Accessories

You can make your reading experience *even better* with these great book reading accessories.

Rules for Buying Books as Gifts

What are your rules for buying books as gifts? A few Rioters chime in with their self-enforced guidelines for giving the gift of books.

25 Unique (But Still Easy!) DIY Gifts For Book Lovers

Finding the right gift for the holidays can be tough. You want it to be something they will actually like ...

Bookish Gifts For Fox Lovers In Your Life

Sweet bookish gifts for fox lovers.

How to Wrap Book Gifts Beautifully

I’m “that book person.” You know, the parent/auntie/mom that gives books as gifts. Exclusively. I’m not ashamed, even when I ...

6 Reasons Why Cat Valente’s Fairyland Is Perfect for Travelers

Recently I’ve had a lot of friends leave me—for long trips or big moves; I swear I’m not driving them ...

The Privilege and Pressure of Being a Book Claus

I love the holidays hard. Still, Thanksgiving-thru-Christmas stresses me out THE MOST, for all the normal reasons holidays stress people ...

How to Give Someone a Book They Actually Want

Can I get an “Amen,” bookish people? We’ve all done it, and we’ve all had it done to us. As ...

Send Us Your Hard-to-Shop-For Book Gifting Questions!

Who’s the reader in your life that leaves you stumped when it’s time to pick out gift books? On an upcoming ...