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Spotted at BookExpo: Upcoming Titles by YA Authors of Color

This year at Book Expo, I had one question: Which novels by YA authors of color will I want to tear into next? Here's my list from YA authors of color.

Navigating Graphic Literature, Hockey-Style

A reader on navigating graphic literature with spacial issues, how hockey helped, comics about hockey, and more comics highlighted at Book Expo America.

The Importance of Contemporary Poetry

One reader on why contemporary poetry is seeing a surge in popularity, inspired by a panel at Book Expo America.

BEA: The Galleys I Waited in Long-Ass Lines For

The Crushing Feeling of Inadequacy You Experience When You Meet Your Heroes at BEA

"I was five minutes away from making her a friendship bracelet and asking her to be roomies."

The Best Children’s Books I Saw at BEA

Excellent children's books spotted on the BEA floor!

17 Great Upcoming Books About Women: BEA Edition

Exciting books about women coming soon that we spotted on the Book Expo America floor!

The Tote Bags of Book Expo America

A tour of the bookish totes of BEA

The Book Riot Guide to Chicago for Book Expo America

Book Expo America is coming to Chicago! Here's your guide to the Windy City: what to see, eat, watch, and read while you're here.

Discoveries from the Book Expo Floor: 4 Upcoming Crime Novels with Female Leads