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The Best Fonts for Books

Looking for the best fonts for books? Let our deep dive into some typeface history and insider designer information help.

An Imitation of Imperfection: A History of Deckle Edges

Why are the page edges of your book ragged? Why do some people think it's a defect and others think it's a sign of luxury? Let's talk deckle edges.

Don’t Judge a (Comic) Book by Its Edges

How do the edges of books, comics, and graphic novels affect your experience? What do they say about the story?

Why are Books That Shape? From Codices to Kindles, Why This Rectangle Stays Golden

Ever wonder why books are rectangular? We've got the answers!

An Interview with Thy Bui, Book Cover Designer and Illustrator

We chatted with designer and illustrator Thy Bui whose work you may recognize from the covers of THE ASTONISHING COLOR OF AFTER, EVERLESS, and more.

Cover Trend: That One Serif Font

You may have spotted this cover trend of a big, bold serif font on a solid color background. We're into it and have a bunch of these covers for you.

What Goes Into Designing A Book? An Interview With Designer Laura Palese

Book designer Laura Palese on how a book gets made. Literally.

By the Cover: Meet Kirk Benshoff, Graphic Designer & Art Director for Orbit Books, Yen Press, Redhook, & More

Eric Smith talks with book designer and art director Kirk Benshoff about what goes into making a great book cover.

Looking Good: Best Designed Books Covers of 2012

Literary TED Talks Are the Best TED Talks