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10 Nonfiction Titles That Will Change the Way You See Books

These nonfiction books about books will give you insight into the personal experiences of book lovers and historical perspectives on our favorite subject.

How is the Value of a Book Determined?

Taking a look at who, exactly, is buying rare books, what they are buying, and how value of a book is determined by talking to the experts.

Toward a Philosophy on Book Collecting

Most readers without unlimited space or superhuman self control must develop a philosophy on book collecting. Here are some tips for developing yours.

No More Book Shopping

A Rioter decided to make 2019 the year of not buying anything. As you might've guessed, book shopping turned out to be the hardest to quit.

How To Be A Rare Book Collector

When it comes to budget, work out what you can afford as a rare book collector. Then add the "BUT IT'S SO PRETTY I HAVE TO HAVE IT" margin.

When Reading Isn’t Enough: Book-Adjacent Hobbies!

Bookish stuff to do (other than reading, of course).

From Book Accumulator to Book Collector: A How To

Show and Tell: Our Favorite Autographed Books (Part Two)

An Illustrated Guide to Buying the Classics

What’s the Oldest Book You Own?