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Book Groups as Imagined by Great Authors

Duncan Jones Launches the David Bowie Book Club

Duncan Jones has launched the David Bowie Book Club around his father's favorite books, starting with HAWKSMOOR by Peter Ackroyd.

How To Reboot Your Book Club

Is your book club losing steam? Here are 8 tips for reviving it.

How to Set Up A Mystery Book Club

How I (Re)Turned My Brother and Husband to Reading

One Rioter looks back on the loose book club she created with her brother and her husband, returning two non-readers to book lovers.

Mystery Skype: Inject Some Excitement Into Your Book Club!

A Mystery Skype is played by having two groups asking yes or no question of each other in order to ascertain where in the world each other are.

Ideas on Starting a Teen Book Club in Your School Library

Starting a teen book club can be daunting. Here are some tips for starting one that will hopefully make the process a little easier.

A Book Riot Guide to Setting Up Your Own Online Book Club

Setting up your own online book club can be hard. How do you meet? Who makes the decisions? Book Riot is here to help you get started.

5 Highly Specific Book Clubs We Should All Start Immediately

Looking for a new book club? Start a niche one!

The Art of Picking Books for a Book Club

Figuring out how to pick books for a book club can be tricky, but this how-to provides a starting point for choosing the right books.