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Unsung Poets: Songwriters

A defense of songwriters as poets in the light of Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize for Literature win.

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in Literature, From a Music Lover’s Perspective

Why Dylan's Nobel Prize in Literature is both an honor, and not enough of one.

Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize in Literature, Everyone is Surprised

The Nobel Prize for Literature goes to an unexpected choice.

10 Upcoming Biographies and Histories in 2014

You may have guessed this already but I just miiiight have a tiny obsession with history: talking about it, reading ...

High School Reading, 2.0

It’s time to dust off the books! Classics are classic for a reason, but it doesn’t mean they have to ...

Of Biographies and Bob Dylan

“biography”: the story of a real person’s life written by someone other than that person I’ve been thinking a lot ...

If Books Were Bands

If Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, David Bazan, and The Smiths were books, which books would they be?

Why Bob Dylan Will Win the Nobel Prize

Over the last twenty-four hours or so, the odds of Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize tomorrow have moved from ...