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Black Panther Quiz! Which Black Panther Character Are You?

I’m going to say it: The Black Panther film is one of the best films made based on a comic ...

Book Fetish: Volume 338

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19 Golden Globe Nominations That Are Book Adaptations

The Golden Globe 2019 nominations are out, and they continue to prove the idea that great books make for great TV and movies.

“The Sixties Were Fun But Now I’m Paying For It”: Stan Lee on Film

A critical look at Stan Lee's cameos in Marvel movies!

Book Fetish: Volume 332

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9 of the Best Alternate-Universe Characters from EXILES

Adorable Wolverine. Battle-hardened Ms. Marvel. Emo Nick Fury? Nine of the best alternate universe characters from EXILES.

Book Fetish: Volume 313 — Sci-Fi Edition

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What Avenger Describes Your Reading Style?

Avengers: Infinity War left me wondering just exactly what kind of reader all my Avenger friends are. Here's an Avenger quiz to find out what kind of readers they are, and you can see how you match up.

47 Black Panther Quotes That Will Move, Inspire, and Get You Fired Up

A selection of 47 Black Panther quotes, from the movie as well as the comics, for when you need inspiration, clarity, wisdom, or just a good long laugh.

Watch the NEW Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Check out the new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War

We Saw Black Panther and We’re Having A Lot of Feelings (Contains Spoilers)

We just had to put our Black Panther feelings somewhere.

10 Awesome SFF Books Like Black Panther

Still not over the awesomeness that is Black Panther? Here are 10 books like Black Panther to read if you want more great sci-fi and fantasy based on African culture.

Book Fetish: Volume 295

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Book Fetish: Volume 294

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What Black Panther Means To Me

A reader discusses what the Black Panther comic and adaptation means to her, and shares some of the heartfelt, uplifting tweets from the #WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe hashtag.