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4 Books About Bisexuality that Made Me Feel Seen

Septembr 23 is Bi Visibility Day and the start of #BiWeek. Here, one reader discusses four books about bisexuality that made her feel valid and understood.

Great Bisexual Representation in Romance

If you're looking for romances with positive bisexual rep and characters in a variety of relationships, these books have it!

Why Wonder Woman’s Bisexuality Matters

Comics fans already know Wonder Woman is bisexual. Now there's a petition to portray this accurately in the new movie.

RAMONA BLUE and the Battle Between Bi, Fluid, and Lesbian Representation

On accusations that the new book Ramona Blue is lesbophobic.

Why Queer Comics Matter

Recently, a few comics-lovers and I got into a discussion about which books we would recommend for 16-year-old readers. We ...

3 Webcomics for People Who Find Kinky Sex Hilarious

Look, sex is hilarious. It’s messy and weird-looking, and if you do it wrong it’s awkward and confusing and likely ...

3 (Ok, 7) on a YA Theme: Bisexuality in YA

Representation matters — the more teenagers (and adults!) see themselves in fiction in some way, the more they’re able to ...

ANYTHING THAT LOVES: Tales of Gender and Sexuality

I’m late to the Anything that Loves party. It’s a large collection of shorts from various comic artists published by ...