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I Read My Way Out: My Year of Reading Copiously and Therapeutically

One reader on making big life changes, including changes to her reading life. Talking about the journey, the goals, and the books that lifted her up.

How Audiobooks Improve My Mental Health and My Reading Life

Four years ago, I committed myself to reading every day as part of my bibliotherapy. For someone with mental health ...

Books for Beginning Bibliotherapy

Books that will help guide you through the process of incorporating literature into your therapy regimen.

I Went to a Bibliotherapist and This Is What Happened

Bibliotherapy – using fiction, poetry, or other written texts with a view toward the improvement of overall mental health – ...

What’s Your Bibliotherapy?

This past week, the New Yorker posed the question, “Can Reading Make You Happier?” I think we know it can, right? Reading can ...