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The Bestselling Audiobooks of All Time

Ever been curious what the bestselling audiobooks of all time might be? We've done the work and present to you the most popular in fiction and nonfiction.

7 Fiction Bestsellers From the New York Times List in 2010

Take a journey back in time to the beginning of our most recent bygone decade with this list of New York Times fiction bestsellers.

Revisiting the Decade’s Forgotten Bestsellers

They topped the charts, but are they still top of your mind? We're taking a look at some of the decade's forgotten bestsellers.

Bestseller Atlas: 5 Bestselling Novels You’ve Never Heard Of

In order to gain a broader cultural landscape of international literature, one reader went on the lookout for some bestselling novels around the world.

Budgeting for Best Sellers at Dollar Tree

I make a habit of checking out the book selection at every store I shop; in fact, I always have. ...

Book Bugs: How Style Can Destroy Story

A reader talks about how one particular author's style bugs them.

What Did Rory Read After Gilmore Girls Ended?

Did you know that Rory Gilmore read 339 books during 7 series of Gilmore Girls? 339. At first glance that’s ...

How To Deal With the Book Buzz Blues

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Dear Book Nerd podcast! My guest host this week is once again the great Rebecca Schinsky. In this show, we answer two reader-submitted questions and discuss topics such as what makes a book a bestseller, how to choose what to read, and how to get back into the reading groove. This episode is sponsored by

Real Talk About the Top-Earning Authors of 2013

Earlier this week, Forbes released their list of the top earners in the world of books for 2013 thus far. ...

Not All People Who Read Books Are Book People

Will you indulge me in a gross generalization or two? I promise, they’re totally founded on real-world observations. As a ...