#best of panels 2015

Dear Marvel, Thank You: Diversity in Spider-Man

Panelteer Preeti thanks Marvel for a few panels featuring the Indian Spider-Man, Pavitr Prabhakar.

The Pressure of Supporting Comics

Panelteer Christine discusses the pressure of pre-ordering and supporting comics you love.

Queer Invisibility: Representation Trumps Spoilers

Panelteer Jon Erik discusses queer invisibility in comics, and that representation should trump spoilers.

3 Webcomics You Can Read Straight Through

We list three comics you can read straight through, beginning to end.

Reading Daredevil: A Character Primer

We give you advice on where to start reading Daredevil.

The Pull List—Digital, Print, or Both?

Is your pull list digital or print? Or perhaps a mix of both??

THE SCULPTOR and Other Long Graphic Novels Worth Reading

Eric discusses long graphic novels that are worth reading.

3 Things CALVIN AND HOBBES Taught Me about Parenting

Panelteer Josh discusses three things CALVIN AND HOBBES taught him about being a parent.

Getting to Know Lucy Knisley

Panelteer Andi discusses her love for comics memoirist Lucy Knisley.

Comics Aren’t for Girls

Panelteer Amy discusses the message she received as a child, that comics weren't for girls.