#best of panels 2015

The Ladies of Marvel’s Secret Wars

One Panelteer takes a look at the lady-led comics from Marvel's Secret Wars.

5 Marvel Heroes that Kristen Stewart Should Play

Panelteer Caroline would love to see Kristen Stewart in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Comics for Fans of READY PLAYER ONE

Panelteer Jessica recommends comics for fans of READY PLAYER ONE.


Panelteer Hattie dream casts THE WICKED + THE DIVINE

Confessions of a Non-Compliant Tattoo Virgin

Panelteer Melody discusses turning to comics when contemplating a tattoo.

8 Comics for Twin Peaks Fans

Panelteer Dave presents comics for fans of TWIN PEAKS.

Marvel Studios and Diversity

Panelteer Ali discusses diversity at Marvel Studios.

We Must Stand with Charlie Hebdo

Brenna discusses why we must stand with Charlie Hebdo, even if we don't agree with their content.

Comics for Fans of THE CRAFT

Panelteer Hilary recommends comics for fans of THE CRAFT.

Recommending Comics for the Baby-Sitters Club

We recommend comics for the members of the Baby-Sitters Club.