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QUIZ: What Object Would You Turn Into in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST?

What household object would you turn into if you were in Beast's enchanted castle? Take this Beauty and the Beast quiz and find out!

The Bookish Gear You Need to be Ready for Summer

A handy little bookish gear roundup for book nerds who are also beach bums. Check out our essentials, and then share yours!

100 Must-Read Books for Beauty and the Beast Lovers

Love Beauty & the Beast? These 100 titles are sure to overload your reading list and keep your fondness of the classic fairy tale growing and growing.

Best Bookish Moments in the New Beauty and the Beast

Excellent bookish moments in the new live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast!

Book Recommendations for a Modern-Day Belle

In honor of my childhood obsession with Beauty and the Beast, and with a nod to the new movie, here are six book recommendations for a modern-day Belle.

New Beauty and The Beast Trailer! (And It’s the Prettiest)

Disney just released an international Beauty and the Beast trailer, and ho boy, it's lovely. More swaggery candlestick. More library goodness.


What do you think of the Beauty & the Beast trailer?

Romance Retellings: Beauties and Beasts

A quick round-up of romances that retell the Beauty and the Beast story

5 Libraries That Should Have Been Cast in Beauty and the Beast

5 gorgeous libraries that should totally have been cast in the new Beauty and the Beast live action remake!

Moving Books Is Hard To Do

My reading life sits condensed in twenty boxes, waiting to be loaded onto a truck and carted 1,000 miles north. ...

Genre Kryptonite: Beauty and the Beast Retellings

Earnest preamble: I am fully aware of the dangerous, sexist subtext of the Beauty and the Beast story. The message ...

Book Recommendations for a Modern-Day Belle

Emma Watson, our very own Hermione, has been cast to play Belle in a new live-action adaptation of Disney’s stage ...

January Book Adaptation News!

Hollywood loves to mine the book world for stories, new and old, that can be re-imagined and brought to the ...