#Banned Books

The Statistics of Censorship

We're taking a look at the statistics of challenged and banned books, considering the Banned Books list, and some of the top challenged reads.

Adapting Adult Books for Young Readers

Get to know the processes and reasoning behind adapting adult books for young readers through expert insights and recent conversations.

ALA Announces 2018’s Top 11 Banned Books

The American Library Association announced the 2018 most-challenged books, and this year we're up to 11 books on the banned books list.

NJ Lawmakers Introduce Resolution to Remove Huckleberry Finn from School Curricula

No stranger to controversy, Huckleberry Finn faces another challenge in New Jersey.

3 On a YA Theme: Challenged YA Books to Read in Support of Intellectual Freedom

Support intellectual freedom this week and every week by reading these YA books that have been challenged in schools and libraries!

Quiz: Which Banned Book Should You Read Next?

In recognition of Banned Books Week starting September 23rd, this quiz recommends a banned book from a writer born in September.

Riverhead Books is Hosting a Pop-Up for Banned Books Week

The publisher Riverhead Books is hosting an open-air, waterfront pop-up in NY to celebrate the freedom of reading as part of Banned Books Week.

ALA Announces 2017’s Top 10 Most-Challenged Books

The ALA shares last year's most-challenged books, including two by men who have been accused of sexual misconduct.

Prison Libraries: Banning and Unbanning THE NEW JIM CROW

The recent banning and unbanning of Michelle Alexander's The New Jim Crow highlights the importance of books in prisons and issues of limiting prison library materials.

Why I Let My Children Read Banned Books

Why one parent lets, and encourages, her kids to read banned books.