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These Were the 10 Most Challenged Books in 2020: What Do You See?

Take a look at the most challenged books in 2020, including All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely.

Banned Books To Read During Banned Books Week

Here are some books you'll want on your TBR for Banned Books Week, including The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.

Parental Fear and Cultural Erasure: The Logic Behind Banning Books

Have you ever wondered what motivates parents to call for book bans? One reader considers the logic behind banning books.

The Statistics of Censorship

We're taking a look at the statistics of challenged and banned books, considering the Banned Books list, and some of the top challenged reads.

Quiz: Can You Guess the Banned/Challenged Book By the Complaint?

Take this quiz to see if you can guess the book that was banned or challenged by the actual complaint given.

Quiz: Which Banned Book Should You Read Next?

In recognition of Banned Books Week starting September 23rd, this quiz recommends a banned book from a writer born in September.

Why I Let My Children Read Banned Books

Why one parent lets, and encourages, her kids to read banned books.

Banned Books Week: Banned/Challenged Comics to Read Now

Comics that have been banned or challenged, to read for Banned Books Week

An Invocation for Writers: May Your Work Be Banned

A call for writers to create art that is a light in our current darkness.

Banned Books Week 2017

A librarian's take on how special banned books week is for libraries across the country.