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What Are the Major Differences Between Memoir and Autobiography?

Don't know the difference between memoir and autobiography? Check out this handy breakdown of their similarities and differences.

What Is a Memoir?

So, what is a memoir, exactly? Here's an exploration into the definition of the genre, its various forms, and examples.

Just How Absurd is Yayoi Kusama?

On the absurdity of the artist Yayoi Kusama, and how it compares to Camus' thinking.

7 Books for Those Born to Rock

Are you ready to rock? Be inspired and entertained by these 7 non-fiction books about rock legends.

Alternative Knausgaards

Knausgaard is fine and all, but, given the chance, these writers might be even better.

Here’s Looking at Me, Kid: 10 Great Celebrity Memoirs

Excellent memoirs from Tina Turner, Steve Martin, Mindy Kaling, and more.

A Memoir Doesn’t Have to Tell the Truth

This is a guest post from Hannah Engler. Hannah is currently an English major at the University of Michigan. She ...

Read Harder: Black-and-White Comics

Now that you’ve had a chance to dig through the 2016 Read Harder challenge, it’s time to start flushing out ...

Memoirs For West Wing Fans

There are many reasons I am excited about Mary-Louise Parker’s new memoir, Dear Mr. You. The book is how I ...

Don’t Think You’re a Feminist? Read Gloria Steinem’s MY LIFE ON THE ROAD.

“What seems to be one thing from a distance is very different close up,” writes Gloria Steinem in the preface ...

I’m Gay, Who’s My Dad?

If sixteen consecutive months of preadolescent girls exhorting us to “Let It Go,” has taught the world anything, it should ...

Back in the Saddle

I never intended to stop reading comics for a year. I thought I’d take a break for a few months ...

Our Reading Lives: Chasing Comics

The first time I saw Chasing Amy, I’d never picked up a comic book in my life. I was in ...

20 Excellent Autobiographical Novels

Even when authors are taking us to the most fantastical places populated with the most fantastical characters, there’s still the ...