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Rhyme and Rhythm: 6 Great Poetry Audiobooks

A guide to some great poetry audiobooks, including comic poems, feminist poetry and more. Dive in and find your new favourite poet!

The Best Audiobooks of 2018

It’s that time of the year—time for the best of lists! (Why were some places publishing their best of lists ...

Audiobooks For All Kinds of Turbulence

Whether you're dealing with in-flight, political, or personal turbulence, we've got your breaks and breathers covered with these engaging audiobooks.

3 on a YA Theme: YA Audiobooks Narrated by the Author

Get your story straight from the source, and hear it how it's meant to be read! Check out these three compelling YA audiobooks narrated by their authors.

A Guide to the Best Audiobook Service Options

We live in this glorious time of digital content on demand. Here is a list of some of the best audiobook service sites and apps out there.

Audible vs Which Audiobooks Option Should You Choose?

We're taking a look at two audiobooks options--in the battle of Audible vs, which platform best fits into your reading and listening life?

50 Must-Read Nonfiction Audiobooks

Don't miss these 50 amazing, must-read nonfiction audiobooks including memoir, essay, history, sociology, self-help, and more.

10 Great Audiobooks in Translation

Only 3% of books published in the USA every year are in translation, and even fewer of those make it to audiobooks. Here are 10 you shouldn't miss!

An Appreciation for Simon Vance, Audiobook Narrator Extraordinaire

Audiobooks are a tricky art. I got introduced to them in a strange way; our fourth grade class listened along ...

Audiobooks in Space! 8 Sci-Fi Titles for Voyagers

I am a total sucker for science fiction set in space: Ragtag space crews, wildly different alien species, ships that ...

Short Nonfiction Audiobooks for Your Next Roadtrip

Short nonfiction audiobooks to keep you company on your next roadtrip (or your commute!)

Bonding With My Sons Over Audiobooks

An elementary librarian and devoted bookish mother shares her tips for using audiobooks to pad out family reading time during lazy summer days.

12 Own Voices Middle Grade Audiobooks

Twelve favorite middle grade audiobooks written and read by own voices authors and performers for when you want to hear own voices as well as read them.

A Robin Miles Audiobook for Every Mood

Want some true crime? A classic? Want to learn something new? There's a Robin Miles audiobook for that (and everything else).

How Audiobooks Helped Me Through My Postpartum Depression Reading Slump

Books can help heal. We know this. One rioter was reminded of this power when audiobooks helped her out of her postpartum depression reading slump.