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Annotated Agatha Christie Bingo

From the military man who bores everyone to train hijinks, we've rounded up some tropes for a fun-filled game of annotated Agatha Christie bingo!

Atmospheric Books to Read in October

Stack your TBR with these atmospheric books to read in October that will get you in the perfect mood for all things sweater weather and eerie.

Book Fetish: Volume 323

Bookish goodies for your literary life.

Cool Bookish Places: Agatha Christie’s House in Devon, UK

Agatha Christie's Greenway Estate in Devon, UK is a secluded hideaway perfect for fans of the author's books or anyone who wants to get away from it all.

Book Fetish: Volume 295

Bookish goodies for your literary life.

Reliving Agatha Christie at WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION

Rediscover the genius of Agatha Christie with the London production of WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION.

A Guide to Onscreen Versions of Hercule Poirot

A guide to movie and TV versions of Hercule Poirot in honor of the new version of Murder on the Orient Express starring Kenneth Branagh.

Learning to Listen: Tips to Help You Get Into Audiobooks

Are you hesitant about listening to audiobooks? Try these tips and books for getting your listen on.


Check out the first trailer for the new movie adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express!

Yes, It Still Hurts to Read Racist Depictions in an Otherwise Good Book

On vacation, reading a classic Christie mystery on the beach & loving it, when BAM - racist depictions. Yes, that still hurts.

Literary Tourism: Agatha Christie

Travel the world through the shoes of Agatha Christie (& those of her characters!)

How to Choose Your Next Read when You’re Sick

Choosing the right book when you're sick is a tricky business.

So I Read My First Mystery: One Reader’s Exploration of a New Genre

One Rioter who had always read pretty widely across genres finally tried her first mysteries. Where should she go next?

Genre Kryptonite: Cold Case Crime

There’s something exciting about watching someone unearth a crime from the past, long after its impact has been made and players have moved on.

POV in Detective Stories

A look at what character points of view are most popular in detective fiction.