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#Adult Coloring Books

12 Stunning Christmas Coloring Books and Postcard Sets

Here are 12 stunning Christmas coloring books and postcard sets to gift this Christmas or to buy for yourself, so that you can get into the holiday spirit.

What Happened To Adult Coloring Books? Charting the Boom and Bust

What happened to adult coloring books? Why the trend and sudden decline? Are they still around? We look at the genre in 2015 and now.

16 Of The Best Adult Coloring Books From 2019 For Your Gift List

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve rounded up this year’s best adult coloring books for every personality and everyone on your gifting list.

15 Literature-Themed Adult Coloring Books

Here in THE FUTURE, adults have finally learned that it’s OK to just sit and color for a while. Hooray ...

9 Awesome Comic Book Coloring Books

Nine of the most fun, totally gorgeous comic book coloring books, from Marvel and DC to Image and webcomic originals.

Bookish Gift Guide: Coloring Book Edition

Grown up coloring books to give during the holidays, from Golden Girls-themed to National Parks!

How My Adult Coloring Book Taught Me To Chill The Heck Out

How adult coloring books helped one reader deal with anxiety.

Colour Us British: More Gifts for Anglophiles

Grown-up coloring books for anglophiles and Brits!

Get Your Coloring On With These Adult Coloring Book Comic Books

Unite your love of coloring and comic books with these adult coloring book comic books.

Rad Recommendations for National Coloring Book Day

Grown-up coloring books for National Coloring Book day!

Let’s Curse and Color: Profanity-Filled Coloring Books

Rioter Sarah Knight’s 5 Irreverent Self-Help Books and the recent coloring book craze led me to profanity filled coloring books ...

5 Irreverent Self-Help Books

Having recently become a self-help author in my own right (and been dubbed an “anti-guru”), I thought it would be ...

7 Adult Coloring Books for Stress and Anxiety

I was a bit standoffish when it first came to adult coloring books. I could understand the idea of them, ...

Coloring Books from Libraries & Museums for #ColorOurCollections Week

Think of it like karaoke for library and museum collections–a chance to put your own spin on a classic and ...

More Colouring Book Adaptations, Please

I have genuinely been enjoying the stream of new colouring books, each one bringing some new theme and style to life. ...